Childcare Billing & Accounting,
Made Really Easy

Prime your billing processes for remarkable ease with our intuitive child care billing software and speedy back-office automation.

Childcare accounting can be very complicated.
Thankfully, we make it very simple.

We can simplify it, no matter whether you have one center or multiple centers. And our friendly Prime Consultants will make it easy to setup your child care billing and accounting software.

Child Care Billing Software

How Prime Childcare Billing Software Works

Prime provides a complete childcare accounting suite that allows standard ledger entries, vendor management, including accounts payable, and ready access for your accountant. Watch the video and enjoy an overview of Prime’s truly comprehensive accounting functions and benefits.

Key Features of Childcare Billing Software from Prime

Every aspect of your day care accounting will be viewable in one place, with any function you want to perform yourself or automate just a click or two away. You’ll be in complete control of your financials!

Your accountant will love the transparent and easy access they’ll have to your Prime child care accounting system. Since it uses standard ledger entries, they’ll be comfortable working with our childcare accounting software from day one.

  • Full accounting suite including standard ledger entries
  • Vendor management & accounts payable
  • Advanced payment application functionalities
  • Easily manage tuition, fees, payments, 3rd party payments, invoices and more
  • USDA/CACFP meal program tracking & reporting
  • Deploy and manage online billing and payment
  • Check-in billing and payment
  •  Special accountant access.

Our Promise

We’ll tell you if we can solve your management challenges and we’ll always be there for you with responsive support.

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