Online Enrollment & Admissions

Convenient Online Enrollment & Admission

Prime Childcare Software lets you transform manual enrollment and admissions with paperless convenience.

If only there were a way to eliminate the time-consuming, tedious paperwork you and your staff put into enrollment and admissions.

And there is! Prime simplifies the entire process into a paperless pleasure.

Key Features of Online Enrollment Software from Prime

Imagine the time and paperwork you and your staff will save when you can make your entire enrollment process painlessly paperless.

With Prime Childcare, you’ll be able to create and broadcast all the forms you need or use your existing forms – with the seamless convenience of compliant electronic signatures.

  • Create and manage permission slips, photo waivers and any other form your organization requires
  • Electronic signatures are compliant and make it easy for parents/sponsors to provide you with the approvals you need
  • Share form templates across the organization to eliminate duplicated effort
  • Great tools for using existing data/spreadsheets to broadcast enrollment or other online forms to your customers

Prime provides the tools you need for easy, efficient enrollments and admissions

  • Customizable online enrollment and registration forms
  • The ability to use your current data and spreadsheets to broadcast enrollment and other forms to your customers
  • Compliant electronic signatures for easy approval by parents and sponsors
  • The ability to create and manage permission slips and photo wavers

Our Promise

We’ll tell you if we can solve your management challenges and we’ll always be there for you with responsive support.

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