Prime your center for success with our truly comprehensive childcare management software

Spend your prime work hours building strong relationships with parents, teachers, and children instead of bogged down in administrative details & paperwork.

All you need is our truly comprehensive childcare management software, childcare app and world-class support team.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could run your childcare center the way you’d love to, instead of having hundreds of pesky details keeping you on the run – you know, the piles of paperwork, parents who haven’t paid yet, and dealing with HR issues until you feel you need a vacation?

If this sounds like you, then you're a Prime candidate!

If you’re like most center directors, you’re running yourself ragged trying to manage every aspect of your childcare business yourself, even though you know there has to be a way you could make every aspect of it so much easier. Prime childcare management software allows you to:

  • Enroll a new parent while attempting to provide a relaxed customer experience
  • Schedule teachers and classes accurately
  • Send out invoices for tuition
  • Train a new admin, hoping they catch on fast
  • All this, and also manage front-desk responsibilities
Prime Childcare Management Software

Imagine how different things would be for your center if you could control all the little details easily, instead of the details controlling you!

You really can have it all with Prime childcare management software & mobile childcare app! You can have everything you need to succeed in one easy-to-manage place – on any device, anytime, anywhere. And, if you ever have a question, you can get every answer you need easily with our “we care & are always there” support team.

All you need is truly comprehensive, all-in-one childcare management software, childcare app and our highly dedicated support team!

Prime Childcare is cloud-based childcare management software and mobile childcare app that can do wonderfully relaxing things for you like organize and automate your back-office processes, simplify your financials, streamline your compliance reporting, and optimize your communications. Just think! You’ll even have plenty of time to communicate with parents, teachers, and prospects.

Child Care Management Solutions

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Childcare Management Software Today.

See how you could be spending your prime work hours building your business, instead of caught up in distracting busy work.

The Unbeatable Benefits of Cloud-Based Childcare Management Software & Childcare App

Prime your child care business for success in every way you do business. In fact, our enterprise-level childcare management software has been independently shown to perform more childcare administrative tasks than any other child care management software solutions.

How we make it easy to Prime your center for success

  • We meet with you to understand your problems, which can be obstacles to your success
  • Collaborate with you to map out a customized plan and its implementation – before you even buy Prime childcare management software
  • Provide live training and personalized support during the startup period
  • Stay connected with you through regular checkups during the whole first year
  • Always remain available with live personal support when you need it

Our Promise

We’ll tell you if we can solve your child care management challenges, and we’ll tell you if we can’t.  We want your software to work for you.  We’ll always be there for you with responsive, live, U.S. based support.

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