Prime Yourself for Success with the World's Most Comprehensive Childcare Software

All the easy cloud-based tools you need to make your Prime working hours more productive and enjoyable.

Imagine anytime access on any device

To all the cloud-based, easy-to-use software tools you and your staff need to perform all your childcare management functions. This unmatched ease and efficiency can be yours with Prime Childcare Software.

Say goodbye to precious hours spent doing your administrative tasks manually or with less comprehensive software – and spend your time doing the things you love, like caring for children, relating to parents and teachers, and thinking up innovative ways to grow your center.

Provides complete intuitive point-and-click tools for you and your entire staff

  • Directors and Admins

    With Prime Childcare Software, you’ll be able to manage all your operations on your desktop, tablet or mobile device, and you’ll have unlimited ability to customize forms and distribute them.

  • Employees and Volunteers

    Prime gives you the software tools to manage all aspects of your HR, including quick and easy access to information about your employees and volunteers, as well as the tools to allow them to have a variety of ways to clock in and clock out and to maintain a record of classroom activities.

  • Parents and Students

    Our parent portal and mobile app delivers all the functionality for you to make it invitingly easy for parents to perform their duties, including online enrollment, billing and payment options, and easy check-ins.

  • External Vendors and Partners

    Prime Childcare Software integrates readily with other systems, such as QuickBooks and MailChimp. You can grant access to important business information for your accounting firm and IT company while you’re able to maintain the privacy and security of the information about students and parents.

Make your Prime hours more productive and enjoyable with Prime Childcare Software.
Our Promise

We’ll tell you if we can solve your management challenges and we’ll always be there for you with responsive support.

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