Dashboards & Custom Reporting

A Complete Suite of Configurable Reports

You’ll have the transparent global view you need to optimize your operations and grow your business

All the information you need to make informed decisions whenever you need with on-demand, real-time reporting tools.

Prime lets you keep track of all the details without getting sidetracked.

You’ll be able to see the detailed information you need to operate your center for optimal care of your students while you achieve optimal efficiency.

All the forms present information clearly and completely, so you’ll enjoy transformational transparency and peace of mind.

How Does It Work?

You’ll get a complete suite of dynamic reports that comes standard with every subscription to Prime Childcare, including:

  • Financial Reports
  • Rosters
  • Operational Reports
  • Tax Documents
  • Classroom Ratios
  • … and much more!

Our Promise

We’ll tell you if we can solve your management challenges and we’ll always be there for you with responsive support.

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