Childcare Software for Drop-in Daycares


Built For: Drop-in Daycares

Check out our easy payment, check-in and other drop-in centric functions

Your drop-in center can enjoy the time-saving and money-saving processes Prime provides, based on customizing it for the profile of your center. You’ll have comprehensive point-of-sale convenience built specifically for your business

For instance, we know drop-in centers and preschool centers that offer drop-in services require flexible billing options. So Prime can be easily customized to allow you to bill your customers the way you already do but with much less administrative effort and cost. In fact, our customers enjoy billing automation for lots of things, like hourly billing, sibling discounts, early drop-off and late pickup fees.

We also understand that your customers need to register and pay easily at check-in and check-out. So we enable them to register quickly in the check-in app. The app also lets them pay quickly when they check-out their child.

Centers that offer both traditional and drop-in childcare face unique challenges that most systems can’t solve. But Prime is designed to meet the needs of such centers, too. For example, our solution can automatically provide billing and check-in options that are specific to your needs.

Registration and enrollment that saves time, paper, and money

As you know all too well, registration/enrollment is one of your most time-consuming and paper-intensive tasks. Prime can save you gobs of time and reams of paper by enabling you to create and edit your own online enrollment forms.

Our customers agree. They report that they not only save time, but that they reduce their operational costs by as much as 25% just by switching to our easy-as-can-be online enrollment function.

Parent communication that helps you retain and build your clients

The quality of the communication is, in study after study, the key measure of the quality of a relationship. That’s why parent communication is the key to winning relationships with your customers and their students.

Prime offers invaluable ways to keep your parents informed and engaged, including our full-featured parent portal, easily managed daily sheets, email and text messaging.

Cash collection that keeps money flowing in your direction

Our customers have more certain cash collections. An important reason is that our solution enables them to have credit cards integrated into it – at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Freedom from manual payroll and staff management

Managing your payroll and staff can be almost as challenging as managing your students. Prime empowers you with HR tools that automate many of the functions, so you can enjoy accurate payroll and time reporting. You can also easily track training hours and certifications. The result is the life-changing benefit called more personal time.

Prime Automated Billing and Online Payments

Sure, keeping up with billing and payments is critical to any business. It’s how you keep the lights on. Prime makes managing your billing and collecting payments a snap with easy-to-use tools, reports, and alerts. Like all of our customers, you’ll also be able to capture revenue from CACFP while you reduce the time and cost of administering the process.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We’ll tell you if we can solve your management challenges and we’ll always be there for you with responsive support.

We’ll tell you if we can solve your management challenges and we’ll always be there for you with responsive support.

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