9 Festive Classroom Ideas for December

Interactive classroom activities and fun lesson plans are entertaining for kids and provide numerous benefits for their education and physical, social, and behavioral development. When you make playtime educational, children learn essential lessons while still finding their class time enjoyable.

Interactive learning provides children with the space they need to bond, socialize, and grow. It can also foster interest in education because it engages and piques their interest and curiosity. Hence, it is best to infuse some fun activities into your classroom this December. Below are nine fun ideas to try.

1. Fritters Day, Special Education Day (December 2nd)

Supplies Needed: Fritters and thank you notes.

Suggested Activities: Provide the kids with fritters to sample. However, it may be too intensive to make them in your classroom. Please take a moment to recognize special educators and the work they do.

  • Teach kids about the need for special education.
  • Invite any special educators to talk with the children about what they do and why it is essential.
  • Celebrate special educators by asking the kids to write thank you notes or make a lovely treat to support what they do. Smaller children can use stickers and stamps as an adaptation.

2. Brownie Day and Pretend to be a Traveler Day (December 8th)

Supplies Needed: Brownies and historical props

Suggested Activities: Provide the kids with brownies for a delicious treat today. You can decide to either use store-bought brownies or make them. For time traveling, think about the items you already have access to and use them.

  • Invite the kids to travel through time. Share the items you have and talk about time traveling, why it’s exciting, and visit different places and talk to the children about what life must be like in that time. Think about clothing, technology, communication, foods, and shelter. Use short clips or photos and bring your brownies on your trip.

3. Human Rights Day and Nobel Peace Prize Day (December 10th)

Supplies Needed: Books and information about human rights and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Suggested Activities: Discuss human rights and the issues surrounding what is happening today. Even though you work with young children who may not fully appreciate human rights, they should be aware of what is happening around them. Read the United Nations (UN) bill of rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As you read some of the rights, a great discussion could emerge, encouraging kids’ contributions.

  • Teach the kids about the Nobel Peace Prize and its essence and significance today. Additionally, discuss some of the notable winners and their accomplishments, and encourage your kids to emulate these leaders in their daily lives.

4.  Cocoa Day, Violin Day (December 13th)

Supplies Needed: Cocoa, marshmallows, violin music samples, and a violinist.

Suggested Activities: Serve the children some hot cocoa (be mindful of the temperature) and marshmallows. You can either prepare the cocoa from scratch or use a mix.

  • If possible, invite a violinist to play music for the kids and talk about their experiences as a musician.
  • Celebrate Violin Day by playing samples of music. Name the parts of the violin and share any relevant history about the instrument.

5. Monkey Day (December 14th)

Supplies Needed: Books, pictures, figures, and videos of monkeys.

Suggested Activities: Read to the kids about monkeys, their diets, habitats, and other interesting facts. Share the pictures you brought to class and talk about monkey types and the differences with apes. Also, discuss any similarities and differences they have with humans.

  • Celebrate Monkey Day by heading outside to find some monkey bars and play monkey in the middle. Sing some songs about monkeys and play more games as well.

6. Wright Brothers Day (December 17th)

Supplies Needed: Books, photos, figures, and videos of the Wright brothers and early planes.

Suggested Activities: Tell the children about the Wright brothers and use the videos, figures, books, and photos. Explain the significance of what the brothers did to modern-day air travel and discuss airplanes’ history and development. Male paper airplanes with the children and fly them.

7. National Flashlight Day (December 21st)

Supplies Needed: Flashlights.

Suggested Activities: Have the children bring flashlights to class and provide some too. Darken the room or move to a dark place and hold a flashlight party. Play games such as hide and seek where you hide some things in plain sight and have the kids use their flashlights to find them. Have the children try and make different shapes and letters. Use your imagination but follow the children’s lead.

8. Roots Day, Forefathers Day (December 23rd)

Supplies Needed: Books about ancestry, globe, and information about the children.

Suggested Activities: It can be tricky to navigate since some kids may not know their ancestry. Still, share yours, ask the children to share theirs, and discuss how different communities came to America. Be truthful and appropriate since the kids are still innocent. Try and educate without crossing the line or crushing their hopeful spirits.

  • Invite the children to trace their countries of origin and locate them on a globe.

9. Tick Tock Day (December 29th)

Suggested Activities: It’s a day to reflect on the past months and possibly do what you had planned or set out to do this year. Talk about the year’s events, celebrate your classroom achievements, and maybe some across the world. Do something you didn’t get to do or repeat a fun activity.

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