Prime Childcare V2.6 Now Supports Daily Body Temperature Checks to Protect Daycares and Other Facilities

Prime Childcare V2.6 now allows temperature checks that can be customized to meet facility standards, while being compliant with various state and local mandates. Facility administrators set a maximum temperature threshold which alerts staff whenever a child exceeds that number, thus allowing receptionists to institute containment protocols as established by each individual facility.

The daily and weekly numbers also provide important data needed by regulatory bodies to help understand real-time pandemic statistics as they relate to childcare facilities. Existing clients are asked to upgrade from V2.5 to V2.6 to see the newest additions to the software, explained in greater detail HERE.  

“With a global pandemic underway, regulatory bodies, local authorities, and childcare facilities are now requiring childcare facilities to check children’s temperatures as they enter the building,” said Prime Childcare CTO, Rob Smith.

“It’s becoming a ubiquitous practice that allows childcare professionals to screen for sick children before they are housed with other children. We understand that adding a new procedure can be complicated, and getting children through the door as quickly as possible is also a priority. So we’ve ensured that this new temperature check-in happens immediately during a normal batch check-in, and alerts receptionists immediately if there is a problem. We’ve made this as easy and streamlined as possible, to continue delivering the speed and convenience our customers have come to expect.”

Prime Childcare Software V2.6

Managing a childcare center is a complex process that requires a variety of multitasking administrative functions, while also allowing for interpersonal relationships with children, parents and staff. Prime Childcare Software offers a host of software solutions that ease the burden on administrators and staff, with easy-to-use supported and constantly upgraded software applications built specifically for childcare settings, and all in compliance with local and federal security procedures.  

Each Prime Childcare system is tailored to the individual facility, allowing administrators to make adjustments that suit their particular operation. Prime Childcare Software users are evaluated to determine specific needs and problem areas, map out customized plans based on those needs, provided live training and personalized support, given regular first-year evaluations of service, and given access to personal support whenever needed.

Prime Childcare Software offers unprecedented benefits via a cloud-based childcare management system that evolves and grows as the business grows. And multi-device functionality and mobile apps make it easier than ever to engage parents in the childcare process, allowing administrators to involve parents in any aspect of the process they wish.

Administrators can go online to schedule a demo or speak to a solution consultant about the many ways that Prime Childcare enables schools and daycares to provide quick, thorough check-ins, as well as manage a host of other administrative functions.  

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