Why It’s Time to Transition Your Daycare to Cloud Software

Transition your daycare to cloud software.

Managing and operating a childcare center certainly comes with its share of challenges.

Like many administrators, much of your focus is spent on simplifying the process. One of the solutions you can deploy for this purpose is cloud software. According to Gartner, more than 50% of global enterprises relying on cloud computing will deploy all-in cloud strategies by 2021. As we navigate the digital age, there’s never been a better time to transition your daycare to cloud software.

Ease of Use

One of the most vital considerations of new software is its functionality. Cloud-native applications are easy to deploy and navigate at a variety of locations. Your staff members can use it at the office, home, or even at a coffee shop. As long as they have an internet connection, they’ll be able to access your center’s most important files. Plus, there’s no limit to the management tasks they’ll be able to perform with cloud software.

All in all, cloud software is intuitive to use and easy to deploy. Cloud software also provides greater savings in Opex and Capex costs. You won’t have to pay for and maintain an expensive hardware infrastructure. In addition, updates are automatic, so the headaches of decommissioning obsolete software will be a thing of the past.

Better Control of Daily Operations

From an organizational standpoint, cloud software lets your center perform many operational functions more efficiently. Here’s a quick overview of just a few of the duties your team can perform, thanks to a comprehensive cloud software system: 

  • Upload and download important center documents
  • Update class rosters
  • Review billing/accounting information 
  • Manage human resources and staffing needs, track employee time cards, handle leave requests, and manage scheduling for substitute staff
  • Mark children present or absent for attendance purposes
  • Oversee the enrollment/admissions process
  • Process payments from parents electronically

And, the above isn’t an exhaustive list. There are countless other ways cloud software can help your childcare center flourish. For example, you can set alerts or push notifications to your employees. In that light, cloud software facilitates on-going communication between you and your staff. You can also grant authorized access to sensitive files and prevent unauthorized users from accessing, changing, and deleting data.

The best part about all of this improved functionality? You can customize cloud software to suit your team’s specific needs. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  

Improved Staff Communication and Collaboration

At daycare centers, teams need to share documents and collaborate on projects to ensure the integrity of the operational framework. To that end, cloud software facilitates rather than stifles creativity and collaborative efforts.

Let’s take a scenario: A child shows symptoms of a cold during the day. Time is of the essence, and your staff needs to know whether she has any allergies (which will determine the OTC medications that can be administered to her). One of your staff members pulls up her medical file, but to confirm particulars, she must speak with you. Unfortunately, you’re attending a conference in another state. With cloud software, both of you can access the file immediately while being in two separate locations. 

And, here’s another scenario: What if your team is working on a project to add improvements to the center? This could entail new plans for sharing daily menus with parents or perhaps, brainstorming new activity ideas for the children. One person can start a draft document, send the link to other staff for input, and everyone can add comments to share insights. 

Each of your team members brings a unique set of ideas and skillsets to your childcare center. When your team communicates, ideas can be brought forward to strengthen your center’s operational efficiency. In that light, cloud software facilitates collaborative effort, which results in increased productivity. Your entire team can weigh in on specific initiatives and review them before you implement them as part of your center’s standard operating procedure.

Instant Access to Your Most Critical Data

Wherever you store your files, you’ll likely need quick access to them at some point. Whether it’s a child’s medical records, a teacher’s contact information, or a parent’s digital payment history, cloud software lets you manage all of your data securely. It can also let you access any piece of data at a moment’s notice.

Specifically, cloud software gives you the ability to set up your own personalized filing structure. So, you won’t need to waste precious moments digging through a massive catalog of files. Instead, you can go directly to the sources you need. Whatever information you need fast access to — allergy information, immunization records, registration forms, or permission slips — you can access all of these data with just a few mouse clicks. 

Greater Appeal to Parents

While the above features are great for your team, they speak more to the internal management of your childcare center. However, cloud software offers much more: it can help you improve communications with parents

Engagement with parents is crucial to the success of your business. With cloud software, you can establish a parent access portal and mobile app. This allows parents to have access to daily reports about their child’s progress as well as information about any potential incidents that may have occurred. This type of portal also allows you to update parents about their child’s achievements. Did Johnny recite the alphabet correctly on Tuesday and eat his vegetables all week? Let his parents know by sending real-time updates through the portal.

And, did Maria take nice afternoon naps during the week and draw beautiful pictures of her family pets? Take pictures and share them through the mobile app. We guarantee her parents will be touched that you cared enough to share important details about their child’s day.

Last, but not least, parents can also use the cloud-based portal to make payments from anywhere and at the time of their choosing.

In all, cloud software doesn’t just help you manage your center better. It also takes your customer service standards to the next level. You’re meeting parents where they spend much of their time already — on the digital plane.

Transition Your Daycare to Cloud Software and Reap the Benefits

When you transition your daycare to cloud software, you will reap three major benefits:

  1. It will make your life easier by streamlining the way in which you manage the majority of your team’s operations. 
  2. It will improve the user experience for your parents.
  3. Both of these will combine to improve the experience for the children you care for.  

Interested in finding out more about a daycare cloud software solution that can deliver on all three fronts? Contact Prime Child Care Software today!

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