7 Exciting Classroom Ideas for April

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Whether you’re a veteran teacher or knee-deep in your first year of teaching, you know how important it is to keep your students interested and engaged in the learning process.

However, coming up with new lesson plan ideas isn’t always easy. Fortunately, the authors of 365 Days of Classroom Fun have outlined some educational activities that you and your students will love. Below are seven exciting classroom ideas for April.

1) April Fool’s Day – April 1st

Suggested Activities: Children absolutely love practical jokes! So, kick off April Fool’s Day with a couple of funny jokes of your own. Then, invite your class to come up with their own jokes or pranks to play after lunch. Close out the day by telling one more April Fool’s joke your students can share with their families when they get home. Teachers say this is one of their favorite classrooms ideas for April.

  • Teach students about the history of April Fool’s Day. They will be surprised to hear that it dates back over 400 years!
  • Invite your students to share their favorite jokes or pranks. Be sure to remind them to avoid jokes that may hurt another student’s feelings.
  • Celebrate April Fool’s Day by playing little tricks on your students. For instance, set the clock back an hour or rearrange your students’ desks.

2) World Autism Day – April 2nd

Suggested Activities: Autism is on the rise in America, with roughly 1 in 59 children carrying a diagnosis of autism or a related disorder. As a teacher, you can encourage your students to treat everyone — including peers who may have autism — with kindness.

  • Teach students what autism is. Using simple terms, explain the challenges autistic children face. Show your class how to be kind and patient.
  • Invite students to suggest things they can do to help autistic peers feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Celebrate World Autism Day by wearing blue. And, post interesting facts about autism on the classroom wall for students to read.

3) Caramel Popcorn Day – April 6th

Suggested Activities: Who doesn’t love a tasty snack at school? If you can bring a popcorn popper to class, then you can really make Caramel Popcorn Day special for your students! Make it a surprise by placing the popcorn popper front and center in the room — the kids will see it as they file into class.

You can start the day by asking if anyone knows why you brought a popcorn popper to class. Once you have peaked your students’ interest, let them know that everyone will be celebrating Caramel Popcorn Day at 1:30 p.m. (or the time of your choosing). 

If school regulations prevent you from popping corn in your classroom, bring individual bags of caramel popcorn for your students. Remember to inquire about allergies and make sure the hot popcorn cools a bit before you and your students tuck in. Celebrating Caramel Popcorn Day is one of our best classroom ideas for April!

4) Name Yourself Day – April 9th

Suggested Activities: Kick off Name Yourself Day by posing this simple question as soon as your class is seated: “Raise your hand if you have ever wished you could change your name to anything you want.” You will likely see many hands shoot up in the air! You can also get the ball rolling by sharing a time in your life when you wished you had a different name.

Give your class a few minutes to come up with unique names for themselves. While they’re thinking, pass out large self-adhesive name tags to each student. Ask everyone to write their “dream name” on their tag and wear it the rest of the day. Make a game out of the exercise by inviting your students to call each other by their “dream names” the rest of the day!

5) Thomas Jefferson Day – April 13th

Suggested Activities: Who was Thomas Jefferson? And, why should we honor his memory? These are questions your class will be able to answer with ease by the end of Thomas Jefferson Day! Here are some tips to make this day fun for your students:

  • Teach your students that Thomas Jefferson was our third President. Talk about the Declaration of Independence and why he wrote it.
  • Provide each student with a note card containing a fun fact about Thomas Jefferson to share with the classroom. 
  • Celebrate by hanging photos of Thomas Jefferson around your classroom. Also, remember to serve ice cream or another of Jefferson’s favorite snacks!

6) Save The Elephants Day – April 16th

Suggested Activities: Children have great affection for animals and often enjoy taking care of them. So, get ready for a rush of enthusiasm when you announce Save The Elephants Day! In fact, this is one of our most popular classroom ideas for April. To make this day memorable for your class:

  • Teach your students why elephants are endangered and what they can do to help keep elephants safe.
  • Invite students to wear their favorite elephant-themed clothing or jewelry. In addition, post images of elephants around your classroom.
  • Celebrate by adopting a baby elephant in Africa! You can do this for as little as $50 and your students will make a powerful difference in the life of an endangered animal. Plus, your students will love receiving monthly updates and stories about their adopted elephant’s progress.

7) International Dance Day – April 29th

Suggested Activities: Children love exercise routines, especially if they’re set to music. They are also curious about other cultures. By celebrating International Dance Day, you can transform your classroom into a vibrant, festive hippodrome! 

  • Teach your students how to perform a few international dances. Consider inviting a few international dancers to class to help teach your students the proper dance steps.
  • Invite students to practice mirroring the instructor’s dance movements.  
  • Celebrate by playing international dance music throughout the day. In addition, encourage students to dress like their favorite international dancers.

How to Keep Students Engaged Throughout the School Year

April is packed with great holidays you can use to make learning fun for your class. But, why stop with these classroom ideas for April? You can keep your classroom bustling with excitement throughout the school year by purchasing the book 365 Days of Classroom Fun.

With a book filled with enjoyable holiday-themed activities for students, you’ll never find yourself short on lesson plan ideas. Order your copy today through Amazon to make your classroom a learning haven for students!

365 Days of Classroom Fun

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