Why Ease-of-Use Is Critical When Choosing Software

Daycare manager understands that ease-of-use is critical when choosing software.

Looking for daycare management software that includes online bill pay and reporting capabilities? 

If so, you’re likely weighing several factors before making a decision. Cost, governed by budget considerations, is sure to top your list of considerations. The ability to customize is also important. And of course, security poses a major concern, due to the sensitive nature of your data. However, have you considered why ease-of-use is critical when choosing software?

It may, in fact, be the single most important issue to consider in the decision-making process.

But, why is that? Let’s take a closer look at why ease-of-use is such a critical quality for your daycare management software to have. 

Why Ease-of-Use Is Critical When Choosing Software for Daycare Management

You prize a diverse and dynamic workforce. But, you’re also a realist. While it’s great to have high retention rates, you also expect voluntary resignations to occur over time. It’s an inevitable part of running a childcare center.

Likewise, you know employees come with different skill sets. This isn’t a bad thing — a diverse workforce can prove advantageous for your daycare. Several of your team members may be great communicators while others possess high administrative skills. You may also have millennials working next to Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, some staff members possess great technical and digital marketing skills. 

Whether you’re onboarding new team members or working with a core group of loyal staff, ease-of-use is critical when choosing software. You want to utilize software that’s easy to adapt to and that functions seamlessly. Essentially, your daycare management software should accommodate a variety of skill sets. It should be intuitive, mobile-optimized, and easy to navigate.

Most importantly, the right software simplifies employee training. This is especially true in the process of onboarding. When you hire new staff, you must spend time explaining your policies and internal procedures. Ideally, your daycare management software should be a part of this training. With the right software, your team members can get up to speed pretty quickly. This ensures minimal downtime in your day-to-day operations. 

You and your team work hard — the digital tools you use should make your life easier, not more stressful

Why Other Factors Pale in Comparison to Ease-of-Use

Regardless of which software solution you choose, you have to prioritize the features that are most important to you and your team. After all, not all software systems are created equal. Each one has a different set of features that lead to varying benefits. 

That said, your childcare center should primarily focus on ease-of-use. Why? Because the software you choose will play a defining role in every aspect of your center’s operations. Choosing software that’s overly complicated or marginally intuitive increases your risk of failure when operating at multiple touchpoints throughout the day. 

Let’s take a typical day at your daycare center. In the morning, you have to take attendance. Then, when lunchtime rolls around, you have to verify allergy and medical information. Johnny may be allergic to peanuts, so he definitely won’t be having a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich. And, Samantha may be allergic to soy and wheat. So, she can’t have a banana cupcake.

But, let’s face it: Sticking Post-It notes on kitchen and classroom walls won’t do. That process is prone to human error. If you’re using software, you have a concrete process to fall back on. That said, you’ll still want the info to be accessible at a moment’s notice. You’ll also need your software to be up to the task of sending reports of the day’s activities to parents. 

What if you could have a seamless experience at each of those touchpoints throughout the day? Would it make your life easier? And, will your team be more efficient in achieving your business goals? Software with a high degree of complexity can impede operational efficiency. Instead of solving problems, your staff will spend hours interacting with helpdesk professionals and poring over tutorials to find answers.

Other Major Reasons Ease-of-Use Is Critical

There are multiple reasons to opt for an easy-to-use software platform:

An Intuitive Platform Helps Reduce Confusion

When your employees feel comfortable using the software, they’re bound to face fewer challenges. This will enable you to have a more efficient workday: the right software will limit the problems your team escalates to you. 

You Can Increase Compliance With USDA Requirements For Food Programs

Intuitive software makes it easy to keep up with food program regulations at the federal and state level. Whether you’re an after-school daycare, private daycare, or center offering a Head Start program, you’ll find CACFP compliance much easier with software that’s easy to set up and navigate.

It Makes Parent-to-Center Communication Smoother

There may be multiple touchpoints throughout the day where you need to reach out to parents. Perhaps, a child fell while playing hide-and-seek. Or, a student showed symptoms of a cold as the day progressed.

If a child has a special appointment, and her parents can’t pick her up, you’ll also need to confirm that another adult has permission to act as a designated pickup person. At other times, you may just want to follow up with updates about a child’s day, along with any accomplishments or incidents the parents should be aware of.

Whatever the reason for contacting the parents of your students, intuitive software facilitates rather than impedes parent-to-center communication. Your team can use the software to send updates and reports to parents without having to worry about navigating confusing interfaces. 

Ease-of-Use is Critical When Choosing Software

As can be seen, many factors go into deciding which daycare center management software is right for you. Still, you’ll want to prioritize ease-of-use as a critical factor in your decisionmaking. For the reasons outlined above, intuitive software will help you improve your center’s operations while making life much easier for your staff. It’s a win-win scenario. Interested in exploring a cloud software solution that’s easy to use? If so, contact Prime Child Care Software today to chat about how our solutions can work for you. [wd_hustle id=”5″ type=”embedded”/]
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